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Mike Bordin In 'Jazz Sabbath' Mockumentary

Jazz Sabbath is a fictional English Trio and subject of a mockumentary released in February 2020.

With a lack of Faith No More news we are bringing attention to any glimpse of our five guys. Here Mike B appears very briefly in the video - Before Black Sabbath: there was Jazz Sabbath.

Jazz and Black Sabbath are some of the drummer's favourite things so it would seem inevitable that he would be involved in this combination of the two.

'In this documentary Robert Powell interviews bandleader Milton Keanes about the rise and fall of Jazz Sabbath, and the blatant theft of his songs by Black Sabbath.'

The band features touring keyboardist and Ozzy Osbourne band member Adam Wakeman and went on to release their long-lost debut album by Jazz Sabbath. Among the tracks are recordings of songs Fairies Wear Boots, Iron Man and Children Of The Grave.

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