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Mike Patton Deathmatch Quarter Final Results!

After 20,000 votes Faith No More come out on top in the quarter final results of our Patton deathmatch.

We wanted to represent the entirety of Mike Patton's musical catalogue in this debate so of course we included his records with FNM - the band has decimated the opposition and it seems sure we will have a FNM final.

Disco Volante 62% VS The Director's Cut 38%

This was a good battle, possibly one of the most balanced in this ridiculous competition. Just remind us - who's idea was this?

Angel Dust 77% VS Mr. Bungle 23%

Even a heavy weight like the Bungle debut record can't take down AD. Can anything? Is it simply the best album Mike Patton has been a part of?

Dead Cross 12% VS Album of the Year 88%

Comfortable win for AOTY, but it's great that the hardcore sounds of DxCx got this far. Great album.

California 32% VS The Real Thing 68%

Oh fuck off! This should have been 50/50 at least! TRT is a classic and possibly the majority of fans' gateway into FNM. The 1989 breakthrough album changed the face of rock music and rocketed FNM into new found fame. It deserves it's place in the semi finals. BUT... California is simply one of the greatest recordings of all time! Patton's vocals are beyond compare, the musicianship is perfect lunacy.

Without the inclusion of FNM albums, these next brackets would've looked a lot different - Mr. Bungle vs Mondo Cane and Disco Volante vs California. However here are the semi finals you can vote on our facebook page to decide which two will be in the final.

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