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Mike Patton Deathmatch Round 1 Results

After the success of our Faith No More Battle of the Songs we decided to throw a Mike Patton poll.

Yeah, yeah this entire exercise is inaccurate... but it's fun and we totally get a chance to use awesome fonts and logos in the design process. Plus we seemed to brought forgotten Mike Patton projects to the attention of some, and there were plenty of interesting and funny discussions in the comments.

We began with 32 albums which spanned Patton's career including FNM, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Fantômas and Dead Cross. Nearly 100,000 of you voted and there were no surprises - the first round went rather predictably with heavy weights knocking out some of the man of a thousand voice's more obscure offerings. However, it is the next round that will prove more interesting featuring fan favourites in contest with each other.

Here are the results of Round 1.

Angel Dust 98 % VS Nevermen 2%

The outstanding 1992 Faith No More album understandably destroyed 2016's collaboration with Doseone and Tunde Adebimpe. But let's be honest AD is a favourite to win and there is not much on this poll which could beat it. I mean come on, who were the 2%?

Laborintus II 5% VS Peeping Tom 95%

Another landslide victory for a heavyweight contender. However it would seem many of our followers haven't even heard Laborintus II, you should check it out.

King For A Day 95% VS Suspended Animation 5%

These fucking match-ups are stupid! Who did this? Well, KFAD was gonna beat pretty much any competition, however we thought Fantômas' 2005 album would have done a little better.

The Place Beyond The Pines 15% VS Disco Volante 85%

For some Mr. Bungle's second record is tough to listen to, others claim it is their most creative. That is probably why Patton's 2013 soundtrack fared ok.

Mit Gas 22% VS Tomahawk (Self-titled) 78%

This was a tough one, both Tomahawk albums are awesome. The 2001 debut record does feel a little more cohesive.

Bacteria Cult 25% VS General Patton vs The X-ecutioners 75%

The big shock of Round 1. The 2016 Kaada / Patton release is wonderfully dramatic and atmospheric. General Patton and is hip-hop crew never really hit the mark?!

Adult Themes For Voice 4% VS Mr. Bungle (Self-titled) 96%

We had to put these classic albums up against something! And Patton's very first solo release of 1996 noises probably wouldn't have made much further anyway, right?

The Director's Cut 75% VS Anonymous 25%

The second Fantômas album is rather special and moves away from the traditional schizophrenic sounds associated with the band. In contrast the third Tomahawk album leaves tradition behind and explores Native American compositions. Both are great.

Dead Cross (Self-titled) 85% VS 1922 (Motion Picture Soundtrack) 15%

2018 Patton film score comfortably knocked out by 2017 hardcore!

Oddfellows 75% VS Romances 25%

Two Tomahawk albums still in the running, both Kaada/Patton albums gone.

Geocidal 17% VS Corpse Flower 83%

This was an interesting and unpredictable match-up. But Patton's latest collaboration with Jean-Claude Vannier knocks out the first tētēma album.

California 91% VS Delìrium Còrdia 9%

The 1999 Mr. Bungle record is surely a favourite to win.

Fantômas (Self-titled) 18% VS Album Of The Year 82%

Some suggested we should have left FNM albums out of this poll. We didn't, get over it. In this case it is surprising that the eponymous Fantômas album didn't get more votes.

Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By 16% VS The Real Thing 84%

Same as above.

Necroscape 10% VS Mondo Cane 90%

The last of the 'big boys' is through to the next round.

Irony Is A Dead Scene 71% VS Crank 2 (Motion Picture Soundtrack) 29%

We weren't even sure the Dillinger Escape Plan EP should have been included (you would've complained either way), but it succeeded in knocking out the last of Patton's film score from the poll.

Here are the match-ups for Round 2. You can vote for your favourites each day on our Facebook page.

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