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Mike Patton Deathmatch Round 2 Results!

We have had over 150,000 votes to determine which eight Mike Patton albums made the quarter finals.

32 Patton albums are now down to the final 8 as we reveal which made it through to the quarter finals.

Angel Dust 65% VS King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime 35%

Well there you go, the question of which FNM album is better answered after all these years.

Peeping Tom 46% VS Disco Volante 54%

The closest battle in this competition so far. But Mr. Bungle's avant-guarde 1995 sounds knock out 2006's beat-box extraordinaire.

Tomahawk 24% VS Mr. Bungle 76%

This was a tough one. Two fantastic debut albums from two of the best bands. However 1991 circus hell beats Duane Denison and co.

General Patton vs The X-ecutioners 20% VS The Director's Cut 80%

To be honest, not quite sure how General Patton got this far! The best album won here.

Dead Cross 74% VS Corpse Flower 26%

Some of Patton's most recent offerings each one completely different in mood and sound. Who would put these two in a vote together. Doh.

Oddfellows 11% VS California 89%

There was some heated comments on this match-up. This result means all Tomahawk albums are out - all Bungle albums still in.

Album Of The Year 79% VS Mondo Cane 21%

We thought this match up would be much closer. AOTY is indeed outstanding, but MC is Patton at his crooning best.

Irony Is A Dead Scene 13% VS The Real Thing 87%

Three of the FNM Patton albums are still in this fight. Well we are FNM Followers what did you expect?!

The last 16 are very FNM heavy. Please remember this is just a bit of fun to generate a little traffic to our Facebook page and spread the Patton love, don't take it too seriously. Here is the quarter finals, you can vote each day on our Facebook Page.

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