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Mike Patton In Conversation With Andrew Clarke For Sofasonic Festival

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Patton talks to UK chef and restaurateur Andrew Clarke about food and places to eat around the world, and food.

 Renaud Chartoire

We know that the FNM front man does not enjoy being in front of a camera these days and his only interviews seem to be under unique circumstances - this conversation for Sofasonic Festival was exactly that.

Patton talked with enthusiasm and humour for an hour with the London based chef and both their extensive knowledge of great restaurants around the world was obvious. If you are out dining in London, Bradford, Mexico or Tokyo in the near future there are some valuable tips for you here.

Patton even pulled a tube of anchovy paste and a Mexican soup out of his fridge to share with Clarke.

It was a really fun and interesting chat with Patton seeming completely at ease in lock down and thoroughly enjoying the discussion about food. You can watch the Patton interview below.

Photo Renaud Chartoire

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