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Mike Patton Shit Terrorist Secrets Revealed

Mike Patton joins Scott Ian and Andreas Kisser for a great interview with Brazilian journalists Regis Tadeu and Paulo Baron.

During this interview Regis and Paulo ask some incisive questions about Patton's music including the writing and performing of Mr. Bungle's Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny.

At round 36 minutes Regis asks Patton about the infamous defecating in Axl Rose's orange juice story whilst the two were on tour together in 1992. Both Bill Gould and music journalist Steffan Chirazi have previously debunked this rumour however Patton confirms the actual events here.

"Not true. However I did piss on his teleprompter. One day I was just so bored. It was such a drag touring with those guys, I hate to say it. They treated us like shit. They paid us really well. Be we were like everyday looking for something fucked up to do."

We have also established that Patton did crap in L7's juice during their 1992 tour together. Patton confirms this happened,

"The shit story is different, that was with L7. They did not like it at all. I thought it was funny. I took a shit in their orange juice and put it back in their fridge and they figured it out, 'that's the most fucked up thing I can't believe you did that'."

Patton does however recall the time he spoiled a chocolate cake for Guns 'N' Roses.

"I was bored. I took a chocolate cake and put some of my shit inside it. Then we watched. I was hoping maybe Axl Rose would eat it. Instead our crew guy picks it up. He's about to eat it and I was like 'don't do it!' at the last second. So the experiment failed."

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