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Mike Patton the Lonely Rager 'Word Of The Day' Supercut

During July we have been treated to Spanish lessons with Mike Patton via Revolver Magazine.

You can now relearn each lesson with The Lonely Rager via the supercut version.

Mike Patton is best known as the singer of Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Fantomas and Dead Cross, but he also goes by The Lonely Rager, a quarantine alter ego introduced with a ripping lockdown performance of "Speak Spanish or Die" with members of S.O.D. In the spirit of the latter song, for one month this summer, the Lonely Rager gave Revolver fans Spanish lessons, one word per weekday. Here, for your educational pleasure, are all 30 lessons in one supercut video. Learn up. Rage on.

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