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Raw | 1997


Pressure nearly tore San Francisco stars apart: for good

FAITH NO MORE have confessed that internal pressure almost split the band prior to the recording of their new album, 'Album Of The Year'.

"We'd been working for six years straight and it got to us all," admits bass player Bill Gould. "The last record ('King For A Day...Fool For A Lifetime') was a release valve.

This new record is like picking up the pieces after the explosion, and it sounds bigger. It's got power and it's more emotional, whereas at times the last album sounded like a bunch of ants screaming loudly."

Gould confirms that relationships within the band have eased during the San Francisco outfit's two-year hiatus. Singer Mike Patton has spent time between the US and Italy, keyboard player Roddy Bottum formed indie rock band Imperial Teen, drummer Mike Bordin joined Ozzy's touring band, while Gould produced Russian punk band Naive, prior to FNM regrouping and recruiting new guitarist John Hudson (ex-Systems Collapse).

"We don't feel a panicked need to always be around each other and always be productive, states Gould.

"Everybody can kind of chill out now. That's probably the first time that's happened with this band."

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