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Ray Burton Passes Away aged 94

Updated: Mar 23

Cliff Burton's father passed away on Wednesday January 15th

Photo via Cliffburtonfamily

On Tuesday 19th January Ray's daughter Connie shared the sad news on her social media : "To let you all know that my Dad died last Wednesday. Rest in peace Dad."

Ray's son was the legendary original bass player with Metallica who recorded their first three albums and was tragically killed in a bus accident 35 years ago. Cliff was a childhood friend of both Mike Bordin and Jim Martin { How Cliff Burton Helped To Form Faith No More } and both have had the continued support of Ray throughout their careers.

Over the years Ray has kept his late son's memory and legacy alive. He donated royalty checks he received from Cliff's music to fund music scholarships at the high school both his son and Mike Bordin attended .

"One of the things from the royalties that I get, I give a scholarship to the high school he went to, Castro Valley High School, for music. The kids who won it they invariably write and thank me for. And I think Cliff probably would have done that with his money, because he was not against education by any means. He liked it very much." - Ray 2017

Mike shared a tribute to his friend on Faith No More's social media.

R.I.P. to The Great Ray Burton. Hard to put into words My gratitude to Him for all of His kindness and His incredible character. What a huge gift to have had that in My life for 45 years. Truly one of a kind.Mike Bordin
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