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Rock Sound | May 2015

It's About Time Guys

David Mclaughlin

The last time Faith No More released an album there was no such thing as Rock Sound magazine, Google or indeed many of you now reading this. It's safe to say the world has changed quite a bit since 1997's 'Album Of The Year' but despite preserving their legendary status with masterful live appearances following 2009's reformation, adding to a considerable recorded legacy as men well into their forties and fifties is another matter. Rest assured though, 'Sol Invictus' is no midlife crisis, it's the real thing.

Frothing, deliciously creepy and as idiosyncratic as ever, these are 10 songs that sit proudly alongside anything else this band have produced. And despite the lengthy sabbatical, this sounds like a Faith No More record, albeit one instilled with the errant eccentricities and vocal histrionics of chief conspirator Mike Patton at the forefront. From the somber piano and percussive prelude of the opening title track to the celebratory bells of finisher 'From The Dead' this is an adventure. There's some of the band's trademark snarl on 'Superhero', an eerie, thrusting menace on 'Separation Anxiety' a stab at Nick Cave-gone-metal doing a spaghetti Western soundtrack on 'Cone Of Shame' and a whole array of wonderful weirdness in between.

There'll be a lot of critical spaffing about the recorded return of Faith No No More after almost 18 years. Sorry to add to the deluge, but every plaudit is entirely justified.

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