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'The Real Thing' Role Playing Game

Coming soon the official Faith No More role playing game based upon The Real Thing.

We have had FNM comic books but this something on a whole new level, Faith No More have given their blessing to a new role playing game (RPG) which will be available soon. We spoke with creator Jason Ward to find out more.

'For those unfamiliar with role-playing games (RPGs), what we have done is create an interactive story-based game meant to be shared by 4 - 6 people around a table. (Yeah, that's a fancy way of saying it's like Dungeons & Dragons.) The truly unique thing about this RPG is that it is based entirely on the songs and themes from Faith No More's discography, specifically The Real Thing album. We have drawn on the themes of self-discovery, giving in to temptation, the nature of perception, and letting go of the illusion of control.

The game itself is easy to learn, easy to play, and requires little preparation ahead of time for the players. We wanted to make this an experience that people who have little knowledge of or experience with RPGs can jump right into. In the end, we hope it feels a bit like playing through a good action/drama/thriller movie.'

'Honestly, the idea came to me just after I had watched Sucker Punch (the movie) and was doing dishes while listening to The Real Thing album. I made it about half way through the album and said to myself, I think this might make a cool game. I called my buddy, Jason Peercy, and said "talk me out of this." He didn't. He was all in on the idea.

Faith No More's catalog is really open to interpretation in terms of lyrics. Many of the songs could mean just about anything to anybody. In Mike Patton's own words, he sees his vocals as another instrument for the band, so much of what he writes is less about meaning and more about feeling.

We love the band, going all the way back to middle school. We were so excited when they released Sol Invictus in 2015, and that energized us to want to work with their catalog.'

You can join the kickstarter ,which launches in March, now. For more info check out the website and Twitter.

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