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We Care A Lot Featured On Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 Mixtape

Marvel's Guardians Of Galaxy director James Gunn has announced the mixtape soundtrack to the upcoming third instalment of the movie series and one the 17 tracks is the Introduce Yourself version of We Care A Lot.

Gunn told EW, “I worked twice as hard on this soundtrack as I did on both the first two soundtracks combined.”

Is yet unknown if the song will make it into the actual film, but watching Quill and co battling space villain Adam Warlock to a Faith No More soundtrack sounds pretty awesome!

This is the not the first time a FNM song or indeed We Care A Lot has featured on a movie soundtrack - Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (The Perfect Crime), Gremlins 2 (Surprise! You're Dead!), Judgment Night (Another Body Murdered) Gross Point Blank (We Care A Lot), Biodome (We Care A Lot), The Disaster Artist (Epic), Yes Day (Epic), Black Hawk Down (Falling To Pieces), Mayhem (Motherfucker).

This isn't the first time FNM have collaborated with Marvel either, in 2015 Marvel premiered the song Superhero with Bill G telling us his favourite character is Silver Surfer!

See the full track listing for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 below.

  • Radiohead — "Creep (Acoustic)"

  • Heart — "Crazy on You"

  • Rainbow — "Since You Been Gone"

  • Spacehog — "In the Meantime"

  • Earth, Wind & Fire — "Reasons"

  • The Flaming Lips — "Do You Realize??"

  • Faith No More — "We Care a Lot"

  • EHAMIC — "Koinu no Carnival"

  • Alice Cooper — "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows"

  • The Mowgli's — "San Francisco"

  • X — "Poor Girl"

  • The The — "This Is the Day"

  • Beastie Boys — "No Sleep Till Brooklyn"

  • Florence + The Machine — "Dog Days Are Over"

  • Bruce Springsteen — "Badlands"

  • The Replacements — "I Will Dare"

  • Redbone — "Come and Get Your Love"

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