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Zeus! Featuring Mike Patton On Upcoming Cramps Tribute Album

Italian math rock duo Zeus! have recorded a cover of Human Fly by The Cramps featuring Mike Patton.

Justin Pearson's One Three G Records will issue a tribute album to The Cramps as their one hundredth release titled Really Bad Music For Really Bad People: The Cramps as Heard Through the Meat Grinder of Three One G. The record will feature bands such as Daughters and Retox as well as Mike Patton with Zeus!.

Patton will feature on a cover of the 1978 song Human Fly originally on the band's first EP Gravest Hits.

Three One G’s one hundredth release will be another tribute, this time to an iconic band known for its raunchy and pure punk spirit, all while looking effortlessly cool: The Cramps. For the label’s third comp, the lineup of musicians enlisted to take part is even more diverse, including the likes of Chelsea Wolfe, Daughters, Mike Patton, and Metz, among others—all members, in some way or another, of the extended Three One G family. Here you’ll hear everything from Cumbia-style Cramps as interpreted by Sonido De La Frontera, to Panicker’s electronic dance-centric distorted version of “I’m Cramped”. Just as The Cramps mastered the art of covering music through their own warped lens, Three One G carries on the torch of re-imagining songs with swagger and style, making it their own while honoring a band whose influence on the label is obvious.

Track list:

1. Child Bite “TV Set”

2. Metz “Call of the Wighat”

3. Secret Fun Club feat. Carrie Gillespie Feller “I Was a Teenage Werewolf”

4. Chelsea Wolfe “Sheena’s in a Goth Gang”

5. Sonido de la Frontera “Zombie Dance”

6. Qui “New Kind of Kick”

7. Zeus! feat. Mike Patton “Human Fly”

8. Retox “Garbageman”

9. Magic Witch Cookbox “People Ain’t No Good”

10. Microwaves “Don’t Eat Stuff Off the Sidewalk”

11. Daughters “What’s Inside a Girl”

12. Panicker “I’m Cramped”

Really Bad Music For Really Bad People: The Cramps as Heard Through the Meat Grinder of Three One G will be release on May 1st. Pre-order it HERE.

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