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Hifiklub Featuring Roddy Bottum Release 'Things That Were Lost in the Fire'

French trio Hifiklub and Roddy Bottum's spoken word album Things That Were Lost in the Fire is out now.

Bassist and vocalist Régis Laugier talks about working with the FNM keyboardist

“Who would have believed it? Only enthusiastic excited by the unknown. An exhibition in New-York where Hifiklub meets by chance Roddy Bottum. By chance, you said? A few months later, a French adventure for Roddy and a lot of fun for us all. That’s what we learned with Hifiklub, after 150 collaborations and 15 albums, everything’s possible, even a full record of spoken words created by musicians who originally hardly know each other! We love insanity.”

Get your copy now USA, Europe.

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