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Listen To Dead Cross Cover Of Black Flag's 'Rise Above'

Dave Lombardo, Michael Crain, Justin Pearson and Mike Patton have recorded a version of the classic Black Flag song.

This is the second politically charged song featuring Patton (aka The Lonely Rager) and Lombardo recently with Mr. Bungle releasing The Exploited song Fuck The USA.

Dead Cross - Rise Above (Black Flag cover) created in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and staunchly opposing police brutality and systemic racism. As such, the track opens with a recording of a Los Angeles resident voicing his displeasure with the LAPD during a public comment period from a regularly scheduled LA police commission meeting.

The video for Rise Above was edited by Displaced/Replaced, whose work has often been used in collaboration with Three One G Records. Filmed by Dave Lombardo, The Lonely Rager, and Becky DiGiglio. Track mixed by Jim Goodwin.

The song was originally recorded in 1981 and released on Damaged, the debut album by the hardcore punk band featuring Henry Rollins.

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