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Mr. Bungle In The Studio Part 2

Updated: Mar 23

Mr. Bungle have re-recorded their 1985 demo Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny and Revolver Magazine have the exclusive

Yesterday the band ceased speculation by announcing they had re-recorded their very first cassette demo - recently performed live. The current Mr. Bungle line up includes Scott Ian and Dave Lombardo.

Revolver have the full story which you can read in two parts. Part 1 and now Part 2.

In the second part Trey Spruance continues to talk about the genesis of the songs and what will be included on the upcoming release.

"We re-recorded most of what's on the demo and then we recorded a bunch of the cover songs that we did at the live shows. We haven't decided what exactly is going on the record yet, but obviously we're going to prioritize the Raging Wrath stuff, because it is a re-recording of that demo. Maybe a cover or two will make it, but I'm not sure yet."

"We didn't play "Grizzly Adams" at the shows, but I think it's going on the record. And then a song called "Evil Satan," that's one from the demo that we didn't record. But there are three songs that were written during that time that were constructed by the time we did the original Raging Wrath demo, but we never recorded. So those songs were resurrected and they're going on this new album. One of them is called "Glutton for Punishment," another is called "Methmatics" and the last one is "Eracist." Trevor actually found his original lyrics for "Glutton for Punishment" from back in the day, but the other two have freshly constructed lyrics."

Trey also comments on the future of Mr. Bungle.

"We're taking it slow. Even with this re-recording, we didn't make formal plans. I think the next step honestly wouldn't be a new record. But who knows? It seems like we're able to all make music together and have a great time. There are definitely less obstacles than there were before — let's put it that way."

Photos by Husky Hoskulds

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